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Everything you need to know about buying an electric folding bike

There’s nothing like taking two wheels out for a spin. Add some battery power and you’ll fly through the city like never before. Cycling is low-impact and a fantastic way to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight electric vehicle that takes you anywhere and goes everywhere, meet the Brompton Electric Folding Bike. The most compact folding ebike. Whether you want to make your commute more joyful, get back into cycling after a break or tackle steep hills, the Brompton Electric delivers the same original 3-part fold the Brompton is famous for with all the oomph and ease of an Electric boost.


Woman riding a Brompton Electric C Line through the city

Power your ride when you need it, and stash it safely away indoors when you don’t.

When choosing the best folding ebike for you, there may be a few questions you have to find the electric bike that best suits your needs.

How do ebikes work?

What are the benefits of an ebike?

What is the range of a folding ebike?

How do I charge the Brompton Electric?

Can you take ebikes on a bus or train?

Can you take ebikes on a plane?

Can ebikes climb hills?

How much is a Brompton electric bike?

How do I test ride a Brompton Electric folding bike?

How do ebikes work?

An ebike, or electric bicycle, is a bicycle with a motor to give a boost when you need it.

The battery-powered motor provides electric pedal assistance, with different riding modes that can be set based on how much power you want to add to your ride. Different modes affect the battery charge - the higher the mode, the more power you use and the quicker the battery will deplete.

The Brompton Electric folding ebike has 4 powered-modes:

  • - Mode 0  - No powered assistance. The clutch disconnects automatically to allow the wheel to roll with minimal resistance. On Mode 0 the riding experience is just the same as riding a non-powered Brompton folding bike, and conserves the battery for the longest amount of time.
  • - Mode 1 - Minimal electric motor assistance. The rider does most of the work - when pulling away from a red light or riding up hills, you get a short boost to get a move on. When riding steady, the bike gives a bit of an electric-powered tailwind.
  • - Mode 2 - The recommended setting for most riders. Perfect for gentle hills, rolling terrain, light headwinds and stop-start traffic in the city. Get a strong boost when setting off.
  • - Mode 3 - The most power. Fantastic for riding hilly terrain and taking on strong headwinds. Also perfect for those looking for a more leisurely ride on any terrain.



The pedal rotation sensor on the Brompton Electric folding bike features a smart torque sensor to measure the exact amount of pressure you put on the pedals. Offers smoother and more direct assistance to give a natural-feeling boost. The more you pedal, the more surge you feel from the support the Brompton Electric folding bike provides. Similarly, when you want to slow down, the sensor will adapt and lower the assistance provided by the motor. 

On a Brompton Electric, our lightweight folding electric bike has its rechargeable battery, user interface and luggage integrated into one piece and snaps onto the front frame of the bike with a simple click. Plug your smartphone into the battery’s USB port and charge as you ride.

The Brompton Electric battery can be fully charged in 4 hours. Short on time? The Fast Charger gets you fully charged and back on the road in just 2 hours.

What are the benefits of an ebike?

Perfect for…

  • - Escaping the city and travelling further by bike
  • - Saving time: with the same effort on a pedal bike, you’ll get to your destination faster than ever before
  • Urban exploring with a boost 
  • - Active transport: making your commute the most joyful part of your day 
  • - Removing barriers: no need to avoid that pesky hill anymore - take it on with ease
  • - Anyone looking to get back into cycling after a break or an injury 
  • - Arriving at the office without the need for a shower!

Electric bicycles give you the opportunity to supercharge your ride and increase both physical and mental wellbeing. A study published in Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives revealed several interesting findings about ebike riders.

  • - Those that ride ebikes are more likely to ride for longer than cyclists by taking longer trips on ebikes and bicycles.
  • - The physical fitness benefits of active travel are similar in both cyclists and those that ride electric bikes.

Another study published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine found the cardiovascular benefits of riding an ebike are the same as riding a regular bike.

By choosing active or multi-modal transport over a car, train or bus, you can increase your cardiovascular fitness and minimise your impact on the environment. 

Compact and easy to store, the Brompton Electric folding bike has all the benefits of an ebike, packed into the original 3-part fold. It takes around 20 seconds to transform your bike into a small compact package (585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide) that you can tow, stow and carry anywhere. Rush-hour trains, underground, overground, on boats or in car boots. You can tuck away your Brompton Electric under your desk at work, in a cafe or safely at home - there’s no need to leave it outside.


A man leaning to pick up a folded Brompton Electric

What is the range of a folding ebike?

On a full charge, the Brompton Electric C Line can travel up to 15.5mph (25kmh) and has a range of 20 - 45 miles. Riding with the highest level of assistance (Mode 3) will have a range of approximately 20 miles before needing a charge. When riding with lower levels of assistance, you can ride up to 45 miles before needing a charge.

This may vary depending on rider weight and circumstances like terrain or wind; hillier terrain or strong headwinds will use more battery as you pedal harder to ride. 

How do I charge the Brompton Electric?

When it comes to charging your Brompton Electric battery, it’s easy. Simply remove the lightweight battery pack bag with one click and plug it in to any regular socket. 


A man reading a book on a sofa whilst their Brompton Electric C Line in Turkish Green charges

Developed with the experts at Williams Advanced Engineering using Formula E car racing technology, all Brompton Electric bikes come with a 300wh lithium-ion battery that attaches securely to the front of your Brompton in a lightweight 2.9kg package with 1.5L of storage for your essentials in a zipped front pocket, with a side pocket for a 0.5L water bottle.

You can fully charge the Brompton Electric battery in 4 hours, or boost for less if you’re short on time - we even squeezed in an integrated USB port for charging your phone.


A Brompton Electric battery pack worn via the shoulder straps of a woman waiting for a train

On the go all the time? The Fast Charger for Brompton Electric gets you fully charged in half the time - just 2 hours and you’re ready to get back out there.

Need more storage when you’re riding? The Brompton Electric City Bag comes with 20 litres of storage, featuring: 

  • - a laptop compartment
  • - high-viz rain cover
  • - stretch side pockets for a 0.75L drink bottle
  • - front pocket for papers 
  • - a USB slot to charge your device while you ride 
  • - shoulder pad so you can wear the bag once you’re off the bike

Can you take ebikes on a bus or train?

Yes, you can take any Brompton - including the Brompton Electric - on any bus or train across the United Kingdom. Whether you’re on the underground or metro, or National Railway, you can take your folding ebike along to explore hidden parts of your city.

Make sure it’s fully folded down when boarding and you’re ready to go!

Taking the Eurostar? Brompton Electric is allowed on Eurostar in a protective bag that covers the whole bike


Can you take ebikes on a plane?

The legal limit for most commercial passenger planes is 160Wh. Most ebike batteries range from about 300Wh - 1,000Wh. The Brompton Electric battery is 300Wh.

You can’t fly on a passenger plane with the Brompton Electric battery - either in the cabin or checked luggage. 

Going without the motor? Our range of non-powered folding bikes can be safely transported on a plane, ensuring you follow all weight policies with the airline. The Brompton Padded Travel Bag offers a handy way to take your Brompton with you on long-haul journeys.


Can ebikes climb hills?

Ebikes can definitely climb hills - the battery-powered motor provides electric pedal assistance, with different riding modes that can be set based on how much power you want to add to your ride.

The Brompton Electric folding bike features a smart torque sensor to measure the exact amount of pressure you put on the pedals which offers smoother and more direct assistance, to give you a natural-feeling boost to climb up hills. The more you pedal, the more power the Brompton Electric folding bike provides. Similarly, when you want to slow down or you’re heading down hills, the sensor will adapt and lower the assistance provided by the motor. 

What better way to test out the hill-power than riding through the second hilliest city in the world? We rode Brompton Electrics in San Francisco - check it out for yourself.

How much is a Brompton electric bike?

Brompton electric folding bikes begin at €3,495.

The Brompton Electric C Line is the Classic All-Steel Folding Bike, Supercharged. Starting at €3,495 for the 6-speed model (Explore).

The Brompton Electric P Line is Lighter, Faster, and even more portable, starting at 15.6kg with the battery pack attached. Designed for the best performance with titanium Advance Rear Frame and premium, weight saving components.The Electric P Line is not currently available in Belgium. You can register your interest here.

All registered Brompton Electric bikes are covered with our 7-year frame warranty and 3-year Electric system warranty and can be serviced by our Junction stores or accredited Brompton Electric retailers near you - keeping you on the road for longer.


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Brompton selects our suppliers and components carefully based on reliability, weight and performance. The motor has a higher performance to weight ratio than any other 16" motor on the market. The Brompton Electric battery offers 300Wh - which is high for the bike's weight class, the additional pedal sensor offers a smoother and more natural riding experience.


How do I test ride a Brompton Electric folding bike?

Ready to try the Brompton Electric for yourself? Take a test ride at an accredited Brompton Electric retailer near you - make sure you bring a valid ID. Get ready to fly through the city!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, returning to cycling after a break, or hitting the tarmac for the first time, there’s nothing like exploring on two wheels. Supercharged to go further, the Brompton Electric is a joy to ride.


A man and a woman riding Brompton Electric C Lines