Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

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Smart Ride Ready!

This complete kit provides a stable and safe way to mount your phone to your bike allowing for navigation and notifications to be clearly visible whilst on the move. Mounted in the centre of the handlebars over the stem; the quad lock phone mount is Brompton designed and compatible with all current handlebar types. Made in robust nylon for a sleek black look which is unobtrusive on the bike. The Patented Dual-Stage Lock makes it quick & easy to attach / detach your device, whilst giving you the peace of mind to know your device is securely locked. At just 4.5mm thick, the Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor fits seamlessly onto the back of smartphones and cases.
phone mounted on bike handle

Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

Revolutionize your Brompton folding bike experience with the unbeatable Brompton Quad Lock® Phone Mount, coupled with the Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor - the ultimate navigation companion you've been waiting for! Explore with confidence as this kit offers a rock-solid and secure phone mount, keeping your device easily accessible for navigation and notifications, even while on the move. Crafted with precision and tailored to perfection, the Brompton Quad Lock® Phone Mount takes its place at the center of your handlebars, right over the stem, offering seamless compatibility with all current handlebar types.
Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

How to Fit

We recommend that as part of your routine maintenance that you check the tightness of the Brompton Phone Mount clamps and make sure that the Quad Lock central bolt is secured to 7Nm using a 3mm Hex key. Need further assistance, or want to view all the official Brompton 'how to' videos?
Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

Our Brompton Quad Lock Phone Mount with Universal Adapter combined provides an efficient solution for moving around the city and beyond. When mounting your phone to your Brompton, this complete kit provides stability and safety using a dual-stage locking mechanism. In the center of your handlebars is the opportunity to navigate anywhere you want to go or take your own route, knowing you’ll always be able to find your way back.

The Brompton Quad Lock Phone Mount is compatible with all Brompton Bikes and will set the tone for future rides. It will become part of your Brompton lifestyle and give you the confidence and freedom to explore somewhere new. It will keep you connected and updated with in-view notifications, even when you’re disconnected and zoned in on your ride.

Choose your destination, tap it into your mounted phone, and uncap the potential for exploration, independence, and spontaneity with peace of mind that your phone is secure and visible when you need it.

From 0,4 kg
ACP - Compatible with all Quad Lock® phone cases and universal adaptor.
Phone dimensions
167mm x 76mm x 9mm on Mid or High handlebars, Low handlebars could accommodate larger mobile phones
Quad Lock® designed by Brompton – (designed to work with Brompton bike fold.), Dual-stage locking mechanism ensures phone is secure on bike, Strong, secure & lightweight mount

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Phone Mount with Universal Adaptor

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