A folded purple and orange Kenzo x Brompton bike A folded purple and orange Kenzo x Brompton bike

Kenzo x Brompton

Inspired by Urban mobility and freedom in cities, KENZO partnered with Brompton Bicycle to create an exclusive colour combination for their AW 21 KENZO Sport collection.
The exclusive KENZO x Brompton bikes were raffled off to 35 lucky winners in different countries around the world. All proceeds from these hand-crafted bikes went to Qhubeka, a global charity helping African children to move forward with bicycles.
A motion stop gif of a Kenzo x Brompton riding into frame, folding down and riding away

About Kenzo

For half a century, Kenzo has been infusing positive energy and contagious freedom by claiming a polychrome, daring and borderless fashion that celebrates nature and cultural diversity.
A black graphic of the Kenzo logo

About Qhubeka

Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Bicycles help people move forward.  In the face of extreme and persistent poverty, bicycles can change lives by helping to address socioeconomic challenges at the most basic level – helping people to get where they need to go.
A black graphic of the Qhubeka logo

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