Removal And Fitting Of The Brompton Superlight Wheels

This video will show you how to correctly remove and refit your Brompton Superlight wheels. The video is applicable to Brompton P Line, Electric P Line and T Line model only.

0:00 - Removing the rear wheel
0:46 - Fitting the rear wheel
1:39 - Removing the front wheel
2:06 - Fitting the front wheel

As of the end of 2023 a manufacturing change means that bikes with an Advance rear frame are now fitted with 2 washers on the non-driveside rear wheel axle. Previous versions with either 1 or no washers are also functional as long as there is no play in the rear wheel. If you are in doubt contact your local dealer or Brompton Customer Service.


Parts Information

Superlight Front Wheel- Part Number: Q102681
Superlight Rear Wheel- Part Number: Q102678

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