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Brompton Knowledge | Service And Maintence Schedule For Your Brompton.

Brompton Knowledge | Service And Maintence Schedule For Your Brompton.

Information on servicing and maintaining your Brompton.

Information on servicing and maintaining your Brompton.


Please note: This article should be taken as a guide. How often you will need to service your bike will depend upon your use, riding conditions and general maintenance regime.

Why should i service and maintain my Brompton bike?

It is important to service and maintain your Brompton bicycle regularly to ensure it is in full tip-top condition and working order. Ready for wherever your two wheels may take you.

Regularly servicing your bike will make your bike last longer and make your rides more enjoyable. It will also enable you to identify if there are any damaged or worn-out components that need replacing.

There are three factors which will determine how often you need to service your bike; How often you ride, the conditions in which you ride and how regularly you clean your bike and carry out any basic maintenance.

What should you do in months 1-3

Brake and drivetrain maintenance : In the first couple of months, you will notice that the brakes and gears may need adjusting. Much like guitar strings, which need retuning the more you strum them, the brake and gear cables on your Brompton will stretch in the initial phase of use. This can be simply fixed, by adjusting the barrel adjuster on the brake levers and the gear shifter.

Brake Lever adjustment 

Gear adjustment 4 speed

Gear adjustment 3 and 6 speed

Gear adjustment 2 and 6 speed

The chain and drivetrain area are normally the dirtiest parts of your Brompton bicycle, and if it is not cleaned and lubricated regularly you will start to notice some key issues; it will start to squeal, you may get gear shifting issues or  rust, and corrosion. We recommend to clean and oil the chain once a month to maintain the performance and increase the longevity of your chain

Tyre pressure: Low tyre pressure will affect the bike performance and increase the chance of punctures. Bicycle tyres will gradually deflate over time, so it is important to check your tyre pressure regularly by using a bicycle track pump that has a pressure gauge. Using the gauge will allow you to ensure your Brompton tyres are inflated between 60-100psi. The exact pressure and further tyre details can be found on the tyre side wall.

What should i do in months 6-12

Brakes and gear replacement: If the chain jumps and slips on any sprockets it can be a sign of a worn chain or sprockets. You should replace the sprockets and chain at the same time as this will give the new chain and sprockets the maximum life span.

Click here for the drivetrain replacement video.

You may start to notice dirt and road grime can stick to the cables. This will be noticeable if you are having difficulty changing gear or if your brakes feel less responsive. Periodic changing of the cables will keep your gear changes smooth and your brakes sharp.

Brake cable replacment

Gear cable replacement 

Gear cable repalcement 4-speed

You should keep an eye on your brake blocks. Over time these pads will wear down, reducing friction and brake efficiency. Each brake pad has a wear indicator line and once this limit is reached, the pad will need replacing.  

How to centre your Brompton brakes

Tyre replacement: You may start to notice the material of the tyre will start to wear down and the tread will become less visible. When the tyre loses tread, it will lose grip. A worn tyre also increases the chance of punctures. 

What should you do in year 1 and 2?

Seat sleeve and hinge replacement

The seat sleeve wears over time the more you fold your bike. It is there to protect the seat post from meeting the seat tube. A sign that you need to change your seat sleeve is a continuous slipping seat post.
Click here for A, C, P, C Line Electric, and P Line Electric

The more you fold your bike the more the hinges wear. We recommend looking out for any torsional play in the hinges as this is a sign that they need replacing. On average they will need replacing after 1- 2 years.

We recommend these worn parts to be replaced at your local Brompton accredited retailer.  Click here to find your nearest store 

Parts replacement

We recommend that you periodically take your bicycle into your local Brompton accredited retailer for a checkup where they can give a full assessment, service your bike and replace worn out components. These are the components that may need replacing after 3–5-years:

  • Headset
  • Saddle
  • Handlebars
  • Wheels; Rims, Spokes and Hubs
  • Gears shifters
  • Cranks 


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