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Made in London

A magic carpet. A transport solution to the corners of any city in the world. That was the vision in 1975 when we started, and it's guided us ever since.

360 factory tour

Brompton is defined by the ingenious engineering of our founder Andrew Ritchie. And by the collective courage to do things differently. Across our West London factory and expert welding division in Sheffield, a team of 300+ engineers, designers, skilled fabricators, makers, inventors and manufacturers work to make the world's best folding bike. See how we do it in the 360-degree factory tour.
3D rendering of a Brompton bike part in the design process
Since day one, we've designed and engineered products with a real practical value. Always built to last and perform reliably over time. Working together under one roof means we can stay true to our principles. We make meaningful product advancements, take care of our craft, and obsess over the finer details. In our eyes, whether it was intended or not, the Brompton is a bike with personality. And so is the place where it's built. Many of our factory machines, designed and made by us, have parts named after the people that created them.
Brazer working in the Brompton bike factory.
Skilled craftmanship
All Brompton bike frames are built by hand. The steel frames are pieced together using a process called brazing. Our brazers are trained in-house for 18-months. Some Master Brazers have been crafting our bikes for over 18 years. A small signature at the bottom of every frame marks the maker. The titanium framesets are TIG welded in our specialist factory in Sheffield, 300 km north of our London Factory. This process requires a high level of skill and coordination between hand, foot and eye. Like brazing, each craftsperson has a signature style, their welds as unique as handwriting.
Tig Welding process taking place in Brompton Sheffield factory.
Tig Welding
All Brompton titanium framesets start their life as a set of tubes in our specialist TIG welding factory in Sheffield, 300km north of our London factory. We built this dedicated space as titanium requires different skills, machinery, and process than steel. The city of Sheffield has a rich history and legacy of expertise in metalworking.
Close up of a mechanical machine used to manufacture Brompton bikes.
Unique machines
A unique bike requires unique thinking. Our tooling and manufacturing teams work together to problem-solve the best solution for every job. Bespoke robots, designed in-house and built from the ground-up, work alongside well-oiled mechanical machines that have been with us from the start.
made in london made in london

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Everyone at Brompton plays their part, from first sketches to delivering the finished article. Meet the people behind the bikes with our series of behind-the-scenes interviews.

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